More than thirty years' experience in the food sector, specialising in fresh and frozen vacuum-packed meats. Meats originating from: Europe, North America, South America, Australia, New Zealand, Japan.


Retail Products

Paul Meat Interlink offers the consumer a trading intermediary service for pork, chicken, beef (Halal and non-Halal), veal, mutton, lamb and goat meat cuts, all of which are available both fresh and frozen.

Cooked products for industry

Our experience also enables us to offer our services to the industrial sector. We provide a trading intermediary service for pork, beef, veal and chicken:
  • Minced beef
  • Topping ham and sausages in all shapes and sizes!
  • Hamburgers and mini-hamburgers
  • Meatballs of different weights

The company plays a strategic intermediary role from countries such as Italy, Holland, Belgium, Germany, North American countries, Australia, New Zealand, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil and Japan.

Other Italian Specialities

Paul Meat Interlink
Efficiency and versatility

A vast array of Italian specialities completes
our product range, Wines, Buffalo Mozzarella,
Christmas Hampers... and much more!


Our expertise enables us to offer our clients (Large-Scale Retailers, Wholesalers, Catering Industry, Food Processing Industry, Cured Meat Producers) a wide variety of meat products within the quality standards they all expect.



Food service



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